Meet Tricia

Tricia was born in North Carolina but spent most of her growing up years in Cedartown a small town in NW Georgia. With fun, adventurous parents who loved the outdoors. She grew up with a love for beauty in nature. Nature was not just a word to say but something to be in and enjoy for long periods of time. It was through the times of playing outdoors and camping under the stars with her family that her creativity and imagination was given a place to bloom.


These are the places I'll be in 2016. 
If you're going to be coming to a show, please let me know so I can look forward to seeing you!

DEC 2015-JAN 2016

FEBRUARY 1-6, 2016

APRIL 16, 2016

NOVEMBER 26, 2016

Neiman Marcus Gallery: Spotlight on Art

Trinity Spotlight on Art

Mountain Brook Art Show  

Holiday Market

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA

Birmingham, AL

Rosemary Beach, FL

June 20-22, 2016

Birmingham, A