"We are all Butterflies" 36"x36"

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"We are all Butterflies" 36"x36"


"Follow Your Dreams"  is written at the top in to the paint. :) 

Mixed Media: acrylic and paper on gallery wrap canvas.

Oh sweet butterflies and their meanings. They really are amazing creatures that God has made and placed on this earth. To think of them going from little caterpillars to "flying flowers" is almost surreal. It's magical and a miracle!

And then to see the butterfly as beautiful symbolism in our own life is a gift. 
New life.
New Beginnings.

"Be alert, be present. I'm about to do something brand-new." Isaiah 43

So thankful God continually gives us new starts and He is rebuilding, remaking us and He renews us over and over. Just this morning, I walked outside and smelled the honeysuckle and jasmine and realized what a gift a new day is. 
Everything is fresh. A new day has white pages to write on. And our stories are written with more hope and clarity and joy when we look to our Creator. And we see His love and kindness and grace over us. He gives us "beautiful new" every day.

We are all butterflies.

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