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Raising girls at this time in history is pretty exciting. And our girls and boys too are here... “for such a time as this.” And here we are in 2018, put on this earth, using our voice and also raising our children, “for such a time as this.” Esther .
I am inspired by women and men standing for truth. I am inspired by @oprah’s speech last night, I am inspired by Esther, I am inspired by women standing together. I may not agree on all politics with everyone but what I do agree on is speaking truth, being brave and helping other women. I was thinking last night about all the women in Scripture who needed someone to fight for them and say #timesup. .
We have so much to be thankful for and we have a voice... a God given voice to use for “such a time as this.” Thankful for this time of life we live in. 💕💕💕Thankful we can help other women. Thankful we can raise our daughters to have strong voices, to be brave and kind and speak truth. God truth. 
God is on the move and His truth is on the move and it’s beautiful. 💕💕💕 #forsuchatimeasthis #estherbrave #2018weareinthistogether #timesup

Tricia Robinson

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