11"x14" God Made Glitter Girl, original painting


– Sold Out

God Made Glitter Girl - Mixed Media Painting: Acrylic and paper on a gallery wrapped canvas.

And here’s a little background story into why I painted these God Made Glitter Girls:

These paintings are created as reminders that we’re made in God’s image and we’re His beautiful daughters!

God designed us uniquely and beautifully to shine!
We are created in the glory of God.
To shine out our gifts and glory.
To be brave.
Bold. Strong. Kind. Loving. Gentle. Imaginative. Sparkly. Joy-filled. Playful. Peaceful. Inventive. Energetic. LOVE FILLED!
All this will take us into new worlds.
We first build new thought patterns.
And we have the Power and JOY of living in our glittery identity of being God Made.
And then the going forth—carrying the shining sparkly star, the compass, the map… God's WORD. And letting God's Word shine into our being so we can fully be all God meant us to be.
Living art-fully. Living glittery. Full of hope and imagination and joy, sparkle and LOVE!
Cheers to being a God Made Glitter Girl!
Let's live in our glittery identity. Let's be all God meant for us to be!"

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