Art Camp for Girls!


Camp is over for this summer. We had a great two weeks in June! Sign up for my newsletter to find out about next year's camp dates once they're announced next January!

One upon a time in a magical white house with green shutters, there were a group of art girls painting bright happy paintings. They had tea time in the garden and learned about their God-design, one-of-a-kind uniqueness. They painted and played and laughed. They used their big imaginations in full color! At the end of three days, each took home the happiest, joy-filled paintings! This is art camp 2018!

Over the past 10 years, I have loved having girls come to ART CAMP! It is so much fun teaching the girls and sharing with them different techniques of painting in a fun and creative, playful environment! To see their sweet hearts shine out into their paintings and to see all their imaginations and color go into each piece is absolutely beautiful!  

The theme of camp this year is "SUMMER PAINT HAPPY" plus ANNE of GREEN GABLES INSPIRATION!

YES! ANNE OF GREEN GABLES! If you haven't read the book or seen the long movie version (which is my favorite!), that's ok!  Because I'll share the ANNE Inspiration during camp! Yippeee!

This is why I love Anne of Green Gables: 

  • She had a BIG IMAGINATION!
  • She loved and cherished the beauty of nature in the world! 
  • She was highly CREATIVE! 
  • She was BOLD and KIND! 

At camp this year we will paint 

  • colorful butterflies and
  • fun fashion girls,
  • flowers and/or BIKES!
  • all in honor of ANNE of GREEN GABLES

And this is my prayer for camp and for the girls: I want all of us to know that God is dwelling in our midst. That His LOVE and Kindness is over us! I want the girls to have tons of fun and PLAY and learn more about painting with acrylics and using paper and sparkles in their paintings too!  May they see God in full color and love and joy!  

And may they know more about how God delights in them and in their beautiful imaginations and creativity!  And each girl will take home the most colorful and beautiful paintings!  (3 paintings total! ) 

I love to teach painting in a way that is playful and happy because that is how I feel painting should be—PLAYFUL and HAPPY!  I also share about painting "wonky"!  Have you heard that word before? I LOVE this word! Basically in my definition, painting wonky means, being free to make what others might consider "mistakes," but in reality those "mistakes" add to your unique style and inspiration. In painting techniques, I encourage campers to just play and see how the paint goes on canvas and experiment. I always emphasize not making the dress perfect or the flowers perfect... make them "wonky"!  Make the flower oversized and flopsy and lopsided and quirky because that will give you more freedom! And it's like magic when I say "paint wonky" and then see the results, because there is more joy filling up the air and more laughter and less tedious painting and wondering "Am I doing it right?" And the atmosphere is FUN, and it's colorful too because I definitely believe in painting with lots of paint and FUN colors!

I also have devotions in the morning with the girls and we talk about their God given uniqueness and creativity! I share about different artists too and share my favorite quotes and verses that inspire me in my own painting life.  They get a sneak peek into "the life of an artist" and I love sharing all about art life! I also love using Zephaniah 3:17 "For the Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you. He will quiet you with His love. He will rejoice over you with singing."  And my prayer is that each camper will understand more about delight and how God delights in them!   

For this SUMMER 2018, I have many sparkly ideas to put into action for Girl's ART CAMP! YIPPEE!   It's going to be filled with creativity buzzing and happiness and sunshine and play and lots of paint and color and FUN!  And I would love for your daughters to join me in these super special camps!

Camp includes:

  • Fun and creative devotional time
  • Journal
  • Art supplies (paint, paper, brushes, canvas, etc.)  for making fun colorful paintings
  • Each camper will take home 3 canvas paintings
  • Each camper picks out a favorite 8"x10" print (from my print series). 
  • Snacks and beverages will be provided  
  • Fun time with everyone

This summer, there will be 2 camp weeks to choose from!

Camp One is June 11-13 (2 sessions). 

  • Session 1—9:30–11:30 (younger group age 7 -10)
  • Session 2—1:00–3:00 (older group ages 10 and up)

Camp Two is June 18-20 (1 session).

  • 1:00–3:00 (all ages)

COST IS $250 (INCLUDES SUPPLIES and 8"x 10" print and journal and LOTS of FUN and COLOR!)