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Yellow Journal Girl Journal


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“Yellow Journal Girl” Journal. 52 blank pages and ready to be filled with drawings and writings and all kinds of fun! Plus 3 other designs on inside covers and back.

5 1/2" x 7 1/2"  journal.

After reading through Ezekiel 37, which talks about the valley of dry bones. The chapter gives beautiful insight into God breathing His breath, His spirit into people and making them alive. I was inspired by what the "breath of the Holy Spirit" means in all it's wonder and power. ⁠And I also kept thinking of the words... "quiet" and "still" and "listening" as I thought of the breath of the Holy Spirit.
 And so the "Yellow Journal" painting was formed. It's about a girl starting her day. She's sitting in her favorite chair, in her favorite place in the house during her favorite time of day. ⁠It's morning, birds are singing and she is at her wooden desk with her happy yellow journal. This journal holds her prayers, hopes, Scripture, poetry, drawings and stories. She's a dreamer and a writer and wants to know Jesus more each day. But in order for her to hear God's voice, to be filled up with His breath, she knows the need to be still and quiet. Her yellow journal holds her heart. She dreams of the future and yet prays for the present day. She soaks up the quiet and realizes that God's breath, his Spirit, is one of the greatest gifts she can ever have on this earth.⁠ For with His Spirit, she can hear God's voice, see with more purity, and have God-sized, beautiful, color-filled hope. The world may see her as just a girl with a journal. But the girl with the journal is ALIVE with God’s spirit in her. And that is more powerful than many armies. ⁠
💕 Watch out, for this girl… along with many other God- filled girls will change the world. Love, Tricia⁠