Paper Phone


Paper Phone: is a unique way to draw our hearts close to God during this season of Lent. The phone idea began several years ago as I was thinking about a way of "Fasting" through Lent. Could I "fast" from my phone?

So with paper, scissors, tape and staples—I made a paper phone as a companion to my real phone. The "Fasting" would be to use my paper phone as much as possible instead of my real phone. Meaning every time I wanted to go to my real phone to check emails, look at social media, or just out of habit or because I was bored, I decided to go through my "Lent Phone" booklet first, even if just for a few seconds or minutes. And it changed my entire way of going through Lent and preparing for Easter and Jesus' resurrection!  

This paper Lent phone is a little 16-page booklet that includes Scripture and space to write your prayers during the 40 days of Lent. It is 3”x6.2” (meant to be about the size of your real phone) and you can take it with you everywhere.

It’s your little companion to your phone. My hope is that this little paper phone will help our hearts find rest and draw closer to God as we start this Lenten journey.

May God bless you so sweetly during the season of Lent! 


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