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Painter of happy. Believer in whimsy. Seeing God’s smile in the everyday.

This is me. I’m Tricia. I love color! I love creating the “beautiful wonky!” To me, wonky stands for the beautifully imperfect. It gives so. much. more. freedom!

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Paint with Tricia

Feel like you are stepping right into the studio with Tricia as she takes you on a step by step process of painting happy things. All courses listed now are self-paced, so you can start and stop as you please.

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The Most Loved
Read what member's say about GMGC:

When I joined this club, I knew it was going to be special, but I couldn't have imagined how it would become such an important part of my life. This is a group of "kindred spirits" and creativity, fun, faithful people led by Tricia and her team.

Tracy Schmitt

Joining The God Made Girl Club was the best decision I ever made! I look forward to every Thursday for each new lesson. Whatever your art talent level is, God Made Girl Club will bring it to the next level.

Mari Flores

This group is like a little dose of art camp every week.  Tricia has a glow about her and she radiates with acceptance and love. 

Sarah Styers

My heart is in full bloom since I joined this club. Leaning in and doing all of the prompts and creative exploration Tricia inspires us to do (creative journaling quiet times, permission slips, painting freely, etc) has changed my everyday.

Krystal Bilberry