A Mighty Throng Print


This image is a SQUARE image.
This is a digital print of my original acrylic artwork. It is printed on 80# Ultrawhite Mohawk Superfine Cover, a high-quality archival, acid free paper with HP Indigo ElectroInk, an archival ink. Prints are available in two sizes.
  • $32— 8”x8" paper. Image is surrounded by a white border
  • $42— 11’’x11'" paper. Image is surrounded by a white border
Shipping Details: 8"x8" and 11”x11” prints will be shipped flat in plastic protective sleeve inside a sturdy cardboard mailer.Images may not be reproduced, resold or used in any form without written consent. Prints will not include watermark.
"The Lord announces the Word and the women who proclaim it are a mighty throng." Psalm 68:11
I like to imagine this....All of us standing together, all over our country and the world... standing arm in arm. ( even though we're social distancing) But I like to imagine we're all coming together as a force. A force for good. A force of great love. A force of courage. And we're not just standing arm in arm, But we're bringing something with us that's very powerful. Maybe it doesn't look powerful to the world. But oh my.. it's power upon power. It's God's Word.We have God's Word to combat all the fear. May we let that sink into our bones and hearts.His Word is here... to go into action.Big beautiful action.To give us mighty strength.To encourage us.To give us Light.To give us Truth.To give us Hope.So here we are... All standing together. Arms linked together. Rising up. And we have the joy of proclaiming it! And we can remind each other that we're not alone. We have the beauty of reaching out...it can be a phone call or a message to another person. It's a gift. Checking on others is key during this time. And we can think outside the box as we spend more time with our families. It may be taking groceries to an older neighbor. Getting out the board games. Creating and painting together. Or sending notes of encouragement. Wouldn't it be so wonderful if the headlines on a newspaper read..."The world is helping in love. God is here. No need to panic.” Cheers to proclaiming the News from God. The News that lights up our hearts and makes us strong. The News that takes us from fear to hope. Cheers to our "Mighty Throng" I'm standing in a row with you.. arm in arm! Love,Tricia

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