Sunshine Club - What's Included


And Here Is The List Of What Is Included!

  • An 9”x12” Giclee (print on canvas with wood frame) And I’ll hand embellish each one with fun acrylic paint! Plus this giclee is designed and exclusively made just for the Sunshine Club. Value: $197
  • Fun Notecards (pack of 5 with envelopes). Value: $22
  • Special Christmas Ornament $20
  • Three 8"x10" prints. Value: $28 each ($84 total)
  • Fun oversized bag with an exclusive, SUNSHINE CLUB DESIGN printed on it. Value: $57
  • Shipping of the boxes during the 4 times of the year. Value: $70
  • BONUS: Advent card set! $42
  • BONUS: An 8”x10” extra print $28
  • Stickers! $5
Sunshine Club - What's Included