Crowning Ceremony Print


This is a digital print of my original acrylic artwork. It is printed on 80# Ultrawhite Mohawk Superfine Cover, a high-quality archival, acid free paper with HP Indigo ElectroInk, an archival ink. Prints are available in two sizes.
  • $32— 8"x10" paper, 7.25"x9" image surrounded by a white border
  • $42— 11"x14" paper, 9"x11.375" image surrounded by a white border
Shipping Details: 8"x10" and 11”x14” prints will be shipped flat in plastic protective sleeve inside a sturdy cardboard mailer. Images may not be reproduced, resold or used in any form without written consent. Prints will not include watermark.
To bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes." Isaiah 61
What if we had a "Crowing Ceremony" for our daughters? And also a crowning ceremony for our friends and neighbors, women and children who need that tangible reminder that they are God's beloved.
In reading Isaiah 61 in a fresh new way, I see it as such a powerful manifesto and calling. And this chapter has not always been that way to me. Not long ago, I used to think that Isaiah 61 was for only the "Spiritually elite"... the ones who were anointed to do the "real work". But now as I'm getting older, I see that it's for all of us. Sometimes we are on the giving side of it.... and other times on the receiving.
And as women in 2016, we have strong callings as ones who display God's bright light into this world and as mothers, we get to share with our children God's power-filled words. And some of these power-filled words are right here in Isaiah 61!
"He has sent me to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives.... to comfort all who mourn."
My daughters have already experienced broken hearts and as they move into teen land and then adulthood, there will be more brokenness. As much as I want to shield them from hurt and sorrow and tears.... there will be those seasons of life... days and hours that are filled up with tears. But through this, I want them to know I "See" them, am here for them. And most importantly, Jesus SEES them and is always there for them. He gives freedom from performance and freedom from shame. He gives His life, so we all may experience the fullest, most love filled, grace-filled life in Him! He gives EASTER and all it's Love and New Life and Beauty. "To bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes.
The oil of gladness instead of mourning. A garment of praise instead of despair." And the more I think about these verses, not only do our daughters need this.. but we need this as well. And I need to be reminded of this daily.....
Crown of beauty
Oil of gladness
Garment of praise... amen!
Love, Tricia