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The Four Grace Club Print


This is a digital print of my original acrylic artwork. It is printed on 80# Ultrawhite Mohawk Superfine Cover, a high-quality archival, acid free paper with HP Indigo ElectroInk, an archival ink. Prints are available in two sizes. The Story of "The Four Grace Club" is included with each purchase.
  • $32— 8"x10" paper, 7.25"x9" image surrounded by a white border
  • $42— 11"x14" paper, 9"x11.375" image surrounded by a white border
Shipping Details: 8"x10" and 11”x14” prints will be shipped flat in plastic protective sleeve inside a sturdy cardboard mailer. Images may not be reproduced, resold or used in any form without written consent. Prints will not include watermark

"The Four Grace Club"
During Advent, I think about "The Four" (Jesus' grandmother's—Tamar, Rahab, Ruth and Bathsheba) over and over again. I've painted them many times, and each time it's a gift because this painting and story has grown into something I treasure deeply. As each brush stroke goes on the canvas, I have thought of each woman and her life and the sorrows she carried yet the faith she carried as well. And these women have become my friends. I think of heaven and meeting them and giving them a hug and thanking them for their stories. Because their lives have made an impact on mine and so many. Their lives show grace... that fascinating beautiful Jesus Grace. 
I have heard from many of you this this past year and some have said, "If God chose these four women to be grandmothers of Jesus, then maybe God could use me- despite my past, my weary heart, my failings and sufferings." And so truly, we are all in this together. And I wanted to paint the women who have gone before us and they are not the sparkly, polished, perfect women... but they belong in the most amazing lineage of all time and they are Tamar, Rahab, Ruth and Bathsheba and they are linking arms with us! — the daughters and mothers and teachers and artists and doctors and songwriters and film editors and nurses and designers and ministers and writers and the list goes on. So you can place yourself in this row and give yourself a crown because you
belong to God and
He hears you
sees you
He knows you so well
and deeply loves you no matter what. 
I like to call this painting the "4 Grace Club" and anyone can be a member. In fact, God has us all in this club because we all need His rescuing daily. And may we remind each other that when we fall and are weary and tired and worn out and mess up, We have Jesus. And we have each other to link arms with and provide a support system. And this support system is a beautiful community of women. Thank you God for this gift of friends and the gift of being honest and real and knowing we are all in this together. So let's Go and link arms in love and grace. :) Love to you all! Tricia