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What art collection speaks to your heart?

Discover your personalized Art Collection that will bring a little whimsy into your world, life and home, and allowing you to see God's smile in the everyday.



“Perhaps you were born for such a time as this.”
–Esther 4:14

Welcome to my wonderful world of whimsy where we embrace imperfection and live colorfully!

I love to paint from stories… stories from Scripture and stories about hope and redemption and joy. And through the years, I’ve added crowns to women because we are all like Esthers… We are “Born for such a time as this.” –Esther 4:14

We have our own stories.

We’re not the starry eyed princesses of perfection. But there is such freedom in this because we can embrace the wonky. And embrace God’s beautiful grace! He loves us so very much. And that’s why I paint crowns on women—because I want us to all remember God’s grace and love over our lives. Each day is a new day. Each day we have a fresh page to write on.

And God continues to redeem and rebuild and give us His fresh hope! So my prayer is that these paintings will remind you of God’s deep love for you. Filling you to the brim with God's spirit and joy! 

Can I let you in on a secret?

For me, art is about letting go of the glossy pages of perfection and embracing the beautifully imperfect. The amazing place between almost and not quite. When we let go of perfectionism we start to see the beauty in what we’ve created, just as it is.

Now what if you could have a little bit of Stories & Stars every, single day?

Always there to fill you to the brim with God’s spirit and joy!
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And to help you enjoy your Stories & Stars Collection

I’ve put together a specially curated playlist of songs to carry you to that happy place where everything is wonky and wonderful. Afterall, everyone needs a little music in their life to bring out the colorful and the happy. A perfect dose of joy and goodness sprinkled with a bit of fun. Seeing God's smile in the everyday.

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